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Name:Neil Gaiman Fans
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Welcome to the community for fans of Neil Gaiman's wonderful work, founded 05/24/2017! There are only five rules we ask members to abide by:
  1. All long posts and/or large images should go under a cut.
  2. Please be mindful of spoilers: keep them within the appropriate topic. For example, if you are responding to the post discussing the first episode of American Gods, please don't be specific about how it relates to future episodes. Also, if your post or comment contains spoilers, please warn people. In a post, spoilers should always go under a cut. In a comment, mention that there are spoilers in bold so people can avoid them if they wish.
  3. Please keep your responses appropriate for all ages. Gaiman has written several children's books, and it is entirely possible that a younger fan might find this community through a search engine. So, please keep your language G-rated.
  4. No fanfic, no links to fanfic, etc. The focus of this community is on Gaiman's writings, not on other people's alternative/unofficial/unauthorized adaptations or interpretations of his characters.
  5. Stay on topic, and please refrain from posting about Neil Gaiman's personal life. We are here specifically to enjoy interacting with other fans about this great author's books, graphic novels, television shows, radio plays, recordings, and film. What Amanda Palmer is currently doing, or how much little Anthony has grown, etc. generally isn't relevant to that, no matter how cute the child is. :)

If you would like new tags, or have any other suggestions, send me a private message. :)

That's it! Enjoy yourself, and I'm glad you're here!

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american gods, anansi boys, angels and visitations, babylon 5, beowulf, blueberry girl, cerebus, chu's day, chu's first day of school, coraline, crazy hair, dave mckean, death, doctor who, eternity's wheel, fortunately the milk, fragile things, good omens, hansel and gretel, harlequin valentine, hellblazer, hellraiser, how to talk to girls at parties, instructions, interworld, m is for magic, melinda, miracleman, mirrormask, mr. punch, murder mysteries, neil gaiman, neverwhere, norse mythology, odd and the frost giants, sandman, shoggoth's old peculiar, signal to noise, smoke and mirrors, spawn, stardust, the books of magic, the children's crusade, the dangerous alphabet, the day i swapped my dad for two goldfish, the graveyard book, the last temptation, the ocean at the end of the lane, the sandman, the silver dream, the sleeper and the spindle, the wolves in the walls, two plays for voices, violent cases
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